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How to make a Stencil for Cards etc.

How to make a stencil of a graphic to maintain a consistent size over many items like if you are making cards that you want to all look the same. This video uses recycled items you throw away and other items you might have in the house. This is a fun activity art project for children. A how to pdf is available for download at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link for the how to pdf for Stencil


How to make a Jacobs Ladder (string activity game for children)

How to make a Jacobs Ladder string activity game for children. This is a fun activity that once learned keep a person occupied for a long period of time. Be careful not to knot the string but know it’s a learning process. More how to videos and pdf downloads at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link to the How to pdf for Jacobs Ladder



How to make a Paper folding Game (I don’t know the name!)

Karrie Ross shares a how to make the twisting paper folding game… don’t know what it’s called… it’s a fun way to play a guessing game, a fortune telling trick or just a fun toy. A how to pdf can be downloaded at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link for How to pdf Paper folding game


How to make a Greeting Card

I show you how to make a greeting card and envelope using two sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. This is a simple and basic instruction. The decoration is the part you can use your creative abilities to make this shine. FUN way to teach your children how to make something they can share and give without spending too much money… mostly using the items you already have at home.

Download How to pdf for Greeting Card


My Breasts Talking in Topanga Canyon

Book signing:  “My Breasts Talking” Sunday, Sept. 11th from 2-5p at the Topanga Canyon Gallery.

“If your body could speak, what would it say?” is what author/fine artist Karrie Ross answered when asked “Why she wrote the book?” then she went on to say, “This all started when I was considering what to paint next and I decided to apply my Spiral Series look to a plastic bra form. As I began painting and drawing on the form, the front, of course, was where I put all my attention and creativity. I was happily on my way to finishing Continue reading

Parenting Tip: Helping your child become more Observant

We teach children how to see, to observe, to watch, all the time. Then somewhere in this process, learning gets lost and left at whatever place they stopped with learning colors or putting names to items. Identification leads to an awareness of observation, a “what to think about” when making choices, which toy to play with or crayon to color with.

When children learn how to consciously observe the world around them, they will always have something to do… Be watching! This can show up in activities such as watching clouds, listening to sounds outside, watching how a car is fixed or a cake is baked and the watching will be especially absorbed when they get to help.

When the thoughts and actions that we take for granted are brought in to our awareness with a why question, they take on a new form, a texture, and become a substance that is observable and therefore moveable!

And you thought you’d had enough of why questions from your two-year-old! Just wait until you reacquaint your self with the magic of Why.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out… and getting to know your energy begins now!

Karrie Ross