My Trees Talking

My Trees Talking…. and they were speaking Haiku!

My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross

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I love trees so when I came across the Los Angeles  “Million Trees LA” project, I wanted to do my part.  I learned that so far they have helped distribute and plant around 350,000 trees to date (08/30/2012). Wow… beautifying LA and trees… how much better can it be…. So, I decided to make, “TREES” the focus and imagery for my upcoming show! (more to read under the slides.)

I then pushed the process to form a question, and decided to explore it more. My thoughts went to the “My ____ Talking” series of books I’m writing, then I asked, “How can I work another book in with this show?” with thoughts stirring, the concept finally came to me… “I’ll draw 1-100 trees and have them share a personalized haiku in the book and title it ‘My Trees Talking’… And they were Speaking Haiku.”

I’m very excited about my “Trees” and I hope you will be too.

The Tree images will also be spotlighted on billboards in Quincy, Illinois (Sept. 14-17) and Atlanta, Georgia (Sept. 29 – Oct. 26). Links to the showings will be posted for viewing.