You Create Your Day!

One great way to start your day is to be up early, plan an event and invite friends to join you. This is something you can plan on a regular basis like a networking meeting or on the spur.

Years ago I had a standard walk every Saturday morning I’d be at Manhattan Beach for an hour walk and breakfast and my friends who knew about it would call to meet me and we all got exercise and community.

Some of the things I like to plan for this adventure are:

  • watching sunrise
  • walking, running, cycling
  • coffee news time
  • group exercise of some type

When you put shared experience into any part of your life it takes on a new way of appearing. To find out more about my Creative Energy Coaching contact me at to see how we can change your life and the way your use your energy.

Karrie Ross
Energy Coach
Be a Smile. Be a Cause. Be IT Now!®

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