What is your energy doing with you?

Is your energy working for you or against you? Do you notice when you give it freely or feel you don’t have enough, that circumstances become too involved and begin taking more time and thought and energy than you are willing to give them or someone is demanding of you and end up giving it all away?

Taking care of ourselves, our energy, is one of the most important actions we can develop. When our energy is working for us we are energized, we naturally smile and are more aware of having fun. When we feel depleted we tend to pass it off as depressed, sad, lonely, bored, tired and then this pattern, because it seems easier to repeat, stays longer than we want or need.

To be sure you keep your energy up, begin to notice the things you do that make you feel energized and do them more often. And notice when you feel depleted and what it is that you are doing, observe it over a period of time to be sure you find the trigger point for it and then begin changing the way you react to it.

Until later…
Karrie Ross
Energy Coach
Be a Smile. Be a Cause. Be IT Now!.®

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