What is personal energy and how do we find it?

What is Personal Energy? The energy our body creates that keeps us living. Most of us never think of IT in “keeps us living” terms or for that matter, in any terms at all that gives IT life beyond stating whether we feel energized or tired. Never really seeming to care where IT comes from or why. We usually just figure we didn’t get enough sleep if we’re tired or drank too much coffee when we’re energized.

I’m here to pose another possibility, one that, once mastered, can keep our thoughts occupied and ward off the feeling of boredom for hours, days, years and even lifetimes. It’s a question that has been asked and studied already in many different forms and now I ask it about the concept of personal energy.

First we need to watch our daily lives, the experiences we have and how we feel about them and how we act or react towards them, then ask this question, “How do I do that?” and “Why?” Once we ask the question we need become aware of our senses and observe what happens next.
What are you doing with your Smile?
Karrie Ross
Energy Coach

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