What are you branding? What makes us who we are?

What makes us tick? I ask the question from a life coach, parenting, advertising/marketing, business and personal information gathering stance.

I look at life from the eyes of an artist, a person who questions, from a social advertising and marketing impact and someone who watches human nature. We have been trained to brand ourselves and most especially over the past 30 years. This is not a new thing and has been around from forever since the caveman era when what animal skin, what cave size/location and what mate you had defined who you were and your status. Do you see it?

We are mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially conditioned to think, feel, act and respond in certain ways. This began before we were born, it is cultural and cellular, it is in our chemistry.

Mental: We are conditioned by repetition of either hearing or reading in a certain way. The more we are told that something is this way or that way it sticks and as it sticks it becomes part of our psyche and this determines out speaking and acting patterns and behavior. If we are told that “chocolate” is a stimulant we will bond to the concept and speak and act as though it is real…but what if it wasn’t… real, just imagined and we’ve just adopted what someone else said as a truth for us without considering it?

Physically: Our hair by it’s color or style. Our face by how we maintain it or emphasize it. Our bodies by shape, size, clothing. Our feet by the shoes we wear and when. We’d think, or I do at least that this is a little less controlled but it’s not. Do we wear clothes for business, sex, fun, exercise…what is it defining for us? In this definition is it for comfort or for fitting into a certain social preconceived category of acceptance?

Emotionally: What are the emotions we carry with us the most, they say what we do is either for the experience of pain or pleasure. How do we respond to the simple and yet not so simple at times, act of getting up in the morning and proceeding with the day at hand and not living in the yesterday of our thoughts defining the who we are NOW not then. The daily news ‘hits’ our emotions through the visuals they feed us when presenting what is going on in the world. Our psyche is filled with images that need to be assimilated /associated and responded to in a minutes in some way. What effect is this having on us over time and how does it show up?

Socially: What groups do we hang out with? What is our social political religion focus. Where do we put our attention what are we attracted to and Why? What is the language of this place, tribe, associations and how do we make it fit in our lives. Why? What do we get from it? What is our sacred space.

I shoot photos and ask questions with the intention of stimulating the existing “conditioned” responses we have around us at all times, what they imply consciously and subconsciously socially and internally and externally and are we aware of them and our reactions whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable… how are we responding to our environment and what are we doing about it to make it a healthier place. I believe the more we are aware of the who, what, when, where, why, how, because of our lives the more we are able to make and live into a consciously competent created world especially created for us…within the greater whole of society creating the space around us.

SmileAttention™ concepts extends not only to the processes of being a present, fun loving person. It also stimulates perspectives of looking at life through different connections and considerations. Building skills that create patterns, that become habit and behavior, and ultimately generate a new attitude and live in stillness. Observing what, who is it I really am inside and what the heck am I going to do about it to change my world?

This inquiry is for us to find what is essence for us … to make the connection and for us to determine what we want and for us to live into IT with passion and purpose

Be a Smile. Create the energy for the IT in your life…your passion.

Be a Cause. Take a stand for that IT and make IT mean something.

Be IT Now!® As there is no better time to be IT.

What are you branding?
Karrie Ross
Energy Coach

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