Things we abhor and adore… how this helps us see our inner-self…

We abhor in others what we have disowned in ourselves. We adore in others what we haven’t owned in ourselves. The wise neither abhor, nor adore anyone. They see perfect reflections of their own true nature everywhere. ~ Nithya Shanti

I see me in others all the time. It’s when I realize I do when they are acting a certain way, that it matters.

I remember seeing someone get upset and frustrated that they had too much to do and over extended themselves and were getting aggravated with associates for asking questions. I knew how they felt as I’d been there before, so how could I abhor their behavior when I had a relatedness to it. I was accepting instead.

Or there was the person I simply adored the way they played and finally found it in me. And they adored the way I loved and found it in themselves.

We all make a difference in the world… lets hope we see the how and change.

Remember, Be a Smile! Be a Cause! Be IT Now!®
Karrie Ross

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