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Parenting Tip: Helping your child become more Observant

We teach children how to see, to observe, to watch, all the time. Then somewhere in this process, learning gets lost and left at whatever place they stopped with learning colors or putting names to items. Identification leads to an awareness of observation, a “what to think about” when making choices, which toy to play with or crayon to color with.

When children learn how to consciously observe the world around them, they will always have something to do… Be watching! This can show up in activities such as watching clouds, listening to sounds outside, watching how a car is fixed or a cake is baked and the watching will be especially absorbed when they get to help.

When the thoughts and actions that we take for granted are brought in to our awareness with a why question, they take on a new form, a texture, and become a substance that is observable and therefore moveable!

And you thought you’d had enough of why questions from your two-year-old! Just wait until you reacquaint your self with the magic of Why.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out… and getting to know your energy begins now!

Karrie Ross

Parenting Tip: Paying attention has a payoff…

Any chance you get to bring your attention to your child is energy well spent.

Any chance you get to assist your child to bring their attention to what they are thinking, saying or doing is time AND energy well spent.

When this process is repeated both you, your child and the world benefits from the attention and IT changes.

How are you spending your energy? Where is does it go? Creative Energy Coaching works with individuals who enthusiastically want to see, fee and apply their personal energy to finally get out of the stuck spinning and begin living their dreams.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out… and getting to know your energy begins now!
Karrie Ros
Author of “Coaching Parent Coaching Child”

Parenting Tip: What is it with Questions, 2-year olds and Parenting?

What is it with questions? There, that’s a question. Pay attention right now to your thoughts, is there a question there? See if you can notice how many questions you have over a 5 minute period, consciously know.

I bet there are quite a few if you are able to catch them! They have a habit of moving fast.

No wonder 2-year olds love to ask Why? its really an exciting request don’t you think? They are just now beginning to “see” the world and listen to what is being said around and to them so why not ask questions? I propose that one of the surest ways to gage our level of confidence is in the way our questions are attended to not only when we are very young but also as we grow.

Take the time to think on the questions that pass through your thoughts and listen to your children’s too. Are they being answered and How?

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out!™

Karrie Ross

Author of “Coaching Parent Coaching Child”

Parenting Tip: Keeping focused and energized with Parenting…

The more you are interested in the process of parenting, without getting too attached to the “right or wrong” of what the social norm is… you’ll find you are the most qualified thought expert when it comes to your children. You are the one who knows them best, and if you didn’t before you read my concepts, you will be after you do.

The first step is to not only watch and listen but to observe and hear.

Take the next few days to apply these actions and make notes about what you see.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out.™

Karrie Ross
Author of “Coaching Parent Coaching Child”