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How to make a Stencil for Cards etc.

How to make a stencil of a graphic to maintain a consistent size over many items like if you are making cards that you want to all look the same. This video uses recycled items you throw away and other items you might have in the house. This is a fun activity art project for children. A how to pdf is available for download at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link for the how to pdf for Stencil


How to make a Jacobs Ladder (string activity game for children)

How to make a Jacobs Ladder string activity game for children. This is a fun activity that once learned keep a person occupied for a long period of time. Be careful not to knot the string but know it’s a learning process. More how to videos and pdf downloads at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link to the How to pdf for Jacobs Ladder



How to make a Paper folding Game (I don’t know the name!)

Karrie Ross shares a how to make the twisting paper folding game… don’t know what it’s called… it’s a fun way to play a guessing game, a fortune telling trick or just a fun toy. A how to pdf can be downloaded at http://www.thelifedialogue.com/downloads

Download link for How to pdf Paper folding game


How to make a Greeting Card

I show you how to make a greeting card and envelope using two sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. This is a simple and basic instruction. The decoration is the part you can use your creative abilities to make this shine. FUN way to teach your children how to make something they can share and give without spending too much money… mostly using the items you already have at home.

Download How to pdf for Greeting Card


Challenges are really gifts in disguise…

“The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all of your flaws, differences, and mistakes, and yet still sees the best in you. ”

Sometimes… challenges are gifts in disguise…and the process of the challenge brings the change necessary to/for the gift to actualize into our lives.

Be a Smile! Be a Cause! Be IT Now!®
Karrie Ross
Life Coach and Artist

Sand Painting… SandMan Peter Donnelly

Smiles come and go… Peter Donnelly, Sandman, does what make him smile from all his being.
His art is both compelling and disposable… keeping us wanting for more. What a treasure for us and him, he has found what means something and shares it.




Be a Smile! Be a Cause! Be IT Now!®
Karrie Ross
Artist, Book Designer; Life Coach