Parenting Tip: How do we “get” Parenting? What’s its URL & keyword?

No, parenting isn’t a flu, or something we buy at the store. It also doesn’t have a bunch of salespeople who knock on our door at dinner time AND there is no renewable license! So what is the how and what of parenting?

My coaching is about energy, so lets start there as a how…yes, stretch your mind into this… it will be fun. For the purpose of this conversation, lets imagine parenting being attention. Oooooh sounds good doesn’t it?

If the saying “energy flows where our attention goes” can be considered correct, then when we place our attention on the action of parenting, we are creating the energy, passion, necessary to push it forward into our lives, our thoughts, feeling, actions… our consciousness.

So, HOW do we “get” parenting? What is the “get” we’re getting? Does “get” stand for understanding or to acquire something OR maybe it’s both?

First we’ll look at understanding. The ability to get or perceive the meaning of, grasp what is meant, to interpret.

Next we’ll look at acquire. The process to get or gain by one’s efforts or actions, get possession of or get as one’s own.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out and continues for a life time.

Karrie Ross
Author of “Coaching Parent Coaching Child”

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