Parenting: Talking with your Child Creates Conscious Connection

Creating conversations, sharing what is going on in your life,  with your child from the time of conception is one of the best sources of connection you can create. This is a ‘natural’ feeling of bonding. I believe from the moment the child is conceived they are open to and receptive of our voice, feelings etc.

Being a mom, I remember the feeling of life inside me and how very motivating it was for me to know that I was making a difference in my child’s life with every move, feeling, food, thought and statement I made. AND when he was born I didn’t stop, I talked to/with him all the time everywhere. If you speak they will listen, even when you don’t think they are.

In my award winning book  Coaching Parent Coaching Child (previously titled:”Engaging the Textured Parent! Within). you will learn how to create a conscious connection with your child and feel the difference you make when you transform your perceptions by sharing your life with them.

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out! It’s up to You!
Karrie Ross

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