Got Shui™

GotShui_CVR_3D_72Got Shui™ by Karrie Ross

Energy is in and around us all the time… but we might not be aware of it, yet. It’s qualities interact with us and everything we are and do…it feeds our passions, fears, hopes and dreams.

Feng Shui (wind/water) is a form. A natural occurance of the joining of science and nature.

As it becomes combined into an energy, creates an electrical charge, that can be managed by the movement of thoughts, placements, and actions.

Everyone and everything has it’s own vibrational frequency (energy). Reaction to this energy, either increases or decreases it’s vibrational power (VP) internal/external and movement takes place.

Feng Shui is about using the universal energy, Chi to create movement/change. You will find in this book the sharing of tips, tricks, and transformations for you to apply to everyday situations, all making use of the concepts of Feng Shui, prosperity/  fame / relationship / health / balance (yin & yang) / creativity / knowledge / career / helpful people, and the 5 Elements, wood / fire / earth / metal / water, as a base for my suggestions.

 Keep an eye out for what’s coming next… or contact me for more information about my Feng Shui Consulting Services and balancing the energy in your world.