My Hands Talking

Hands are more than just part of the body. They are masters of expression…of  thoughts, emotions and energy. They connect us by touch and by movement with the world around us.

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Hands are Magic!

The ongoing series includes: sharing fabric hands to pin on;  Book of hands “My Hands Talking” with 4/c images, haikus and thoughts; paintings of hands and their gift of vibration; jewelry of necklace and pins; round tin buttons with more to come.

Join me in continuing the vibration—and Pick-a-Hand.


Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles born, award winning fine artist.  She has been a professional artist since the 1980s. When asked about her art, she shares, “My Art changes as I do, it does not stay the same…and thank goodness of that! There is however one focus that runs through my art … the attention to and generation of personal energy and for me HANDs are the magic that help makes that possible.”

A long time believer that energy exists everywhere and it’s there for us to connect to, Ross adds “spirals” as the way she shares energy in the painting, drawing and now jewelry she creates. Her latest series “My Hands Talking” being developed currently includes paintings and necklaces of hands and will expand eventually into another book in her  “talking” series of books. More about Karrie Ross and her fine art can be found at