My Breasts Talking

My Breasts Talking by Karrie Ross; part of The Life Dialogue “My Breasts Talking” ™ is a book by Los Angeles author/fine artist Karrie Ross. Click the image on the right for more information about the book and series at The Life Dialogue™ webiste. Be sure to take a look at our Store for more great gift and giving ideas.

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“If your body could speak, what would it say?” is what author/fine artist Karrie Ross answered when asked “Why she wrote the book?” then she went on to say, “This all started when I was considering what to paint next and I decided to apply my Spiral Series look to a plastic bra form. As I began painting and drawing on the form, the front, of course, was where I put all my attention and creativity. I was happily on my way to finishing off the fourth one. When I turned it around to sign it, like I’d done the three previous ones, the aha of the blank back caused me to question what I could put there. After long consideration, I arrived at the realization that “the front is what I show to the world and the back reflects my internal thoughts.” WOW! and the rest is history.

Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles based fine artist, graphic designer, award winning author, certified life coach, feng shui practitioner and mother. She paints and writes to share her unique view of the world inside and out. She is currently producing a series of books based on and in conjunction with her fine art spiral series… “The Life Dialogue”.

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