My Breasts Talking in Topanga Canyon

Book signing:  “My Breasts Talking” Sunday, Sept. 11th from 2-5p at the Topanga Canyon Gallery.

“If your body could speak, what would it say?” is what author/fine artist Karrie Ross answered when asked “Why she wrote the book?” then she went on to say, “This all started when I was considering what to paint next and I decided to apply my Spiral Series look to a plastic bra form. As I began painting and drawing on the form, the front, of course, was where I put all my attention and creativity. I was happily on my way to finishing off the fourth one. When I turned it around to sign it, like I’d done the three previous ones, the aha of the blank back caused me to question what I could put there. After long consideration, I arrived at the realization that “the front is what I show to the world and the back reflects my internal thoughts.”

WOW! and the rest is history.

This is the first of the “My … Talking” books planed in The Life Dialogue Series. We hope you enjoy the book. The paperback is soon to be available on


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