Keeping the positive and alowing perspective. Abraham-Hicks

This is so well presented I felt it was something good to share. Around minute 4 it’s stated “You cannot keep telling the same story without continuing to live the same circumstances.”

We all hear about being positive and present to it. To see and know we already have what we are looking for or want. Yet, for some reason we keep it from ourselves which increases the wanting and the not having in the keeping from action that our thoughts put us in. I just saw the movie INCEPTION that presents the concept of to imagine and in the imagining don’t draw from the past, the known as that confuses and prevents the forward movement. And if you want to change a thought, belief that the new thought needs to be simple and have a reference, a connection to ‘something’ from the past to attach it to for the new thought to be accepted by the subconsciousness. In the movie a homemade pinwheel that provoked a feeling of an experience.

What I learned from the movie INCEPTION was.

1. imagine a new path/story you want to actualize in your life. In the movie they created mazes and obsticals to over come.

2. find a memory of a time when it was felt and reference something from the memory to attach the new thought to. In the movie it was the photo of the father/son with pinwheel as the connecting point

3. keep the new thought simple, basic so the subconscious will allow it to be accepted. In the movie several were presented as they went to each of three layers of depth. Basically, I don’t want to be like my father.

4. face the reality, see through the wants and desires that cloud judgment, weaken our ability to move forward be stronger. In the movie the main character was troubled with thoughts of his past that kept showing up in his work, that of being an inceptor in the dream space, his wife and children always showed up and disrupted his current intentions. At the end, he confronted her and HIS memory of what was real not his guilt of…the things done that can’t be undone… dwelling on things that cannot be changed.

Remember, be a cause. Your first cause is to yourself. Changing perspectives and understandings. Share with us an experience you have had.

Be a Smile! Be a Cause. Be IT now!®
Karrie Ross


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