Have you seen the Dog Dancing to the Merengue? She’s a Keeper!

Attention Animal lovers! This video is so cute and you can see the joy and love in the dogs, Carrie, eyes for her owner. I’ve never seen a dog standing so long and dancing no less! A must see and keep visual.

This is a good example of persistence, determination and patience on the both part. The owner spent time and energy on training and loving this dog…and the dog wanted to please her owner… and I’m sure there was a ton of laughter between the two. They have their 15 mins of fame and more… as the video will hopefully go on for a long time and be revisited often.

Please note that this dog is from Chile, her name is Carrie, and the owner’s name is Jose Fuentes.

Remember this when you take on a project in the future…and know that your time and effort does pay off.

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Karrie Ross

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