Got Shui?™ Feng Shui Tips, Tricks, and Transformations

Feng Shui is a 2000 year old practice for moving “chi” life energy
in, through and around our place, space and life.

GotShui_CVR_3D_72My Way Feng Shui™ “Got Shui?”™

“What goes around, comes around.”
“As above, so below.”

We have sayings, expressions, phrases for just about any situation that happens. Most of them are based on some semblance of a truth, a reality, as well as some of them being based on our fears. We don’t step on cracks for fear of breaking a back, or walk under ladders for fear of bad luck. “The grass is always greener…” “The glass is half empty or half full” and “six of one, half dozen of another” give us something to question, look forward to—and at times, hope.

We already live in a world of perceived ready-made solutions… the concepts and actions of feng shui are solutions too. Call it mythology, folklore, religion, science, history, superstition, old customs and practices… in the end it seems to all melt into one pot, and I call this pot… “GOT SHUI?™”

In the pages to follow you’ll find solutions. Some you’ll be able to relate to right off and then there will be others you’ll shake your head at and wonder what kook-aide I’ve been taking. I encourage you to try them for yourself. Some will work while some might not be ready yet for action but that doesn’t mean they are not at least vibrating, resonating…the planting of “seeds” of thought is good feng shui too.

I bring this to your attention because, for me, there are two very important aspects to the practice and application of the feng shui concepts, tips, tricks and transformation—your intention and the action(s) you take toward that intention.

Keep an eye out for what’s coming next… or contact me for more information about my Feng Shui Consulting Services and balancing the energy in your world.

NOTICE: The ability to sense, be aware of the void of missing or not…

Intention: The conscious thinking of the outcome that we desire while applying the solution suggested.

Action: The actual applying of the solution holding the intention within each thought, movement and placement of energy and items.

The way I work is by using what is currently around you and only adding something special like a mirror, etc. when it seems necessary. You will find many suggested solutions but not a lot of hype around the situation, the tips, tricks, transformations will be to-the-point and as short and concise as possible.

This is a fun process. It is intended to assist in opening you up to, and to be aware of, your inner most wants, desires, dreams, fears and nuances with a new perspective on how to achieve them.

There is no Table of Contents. The idea is to read the book, get a feeling for the concepts. Once you’ve accomplish that you’ll be able to apply them to any situation that arises in your life with the correct intention and action to make the difference you are looking for.

The feng shui concept has been around for over 2000 years and still going strong around the world.

So as the computer program skype® prompts… “take a deep breath” and lets begin the journey of exploring the adventure of the wind and the water and the how it affects our lives.

Karrie Ross

GOT SHUI?™ the book, is currently being created. Please contact me and we’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.