Dolphin Bubbles… “play” is all around us… we just have to see IT!

Play. Do you play… just for the fun of it? Do you remember the last time you did and how you felt?

These are important questions to ask yourself… play reduces stress and adds energy to your life. We see children play for hours and make statements of wishing to do that to. Who’d a thought a Dolphin would blow a bubble and then play with it like these images show us they do… try it, find something to play with right now. A paperclip, a pencil, a piece of paper or blade of grass or let sand run though your fingers… this is all mindless play and allows the brain to rest and reflect. Hello Corporate America… try this and see how much more creativity you get out of your employees… and why some companies are putting in ‘game’ rooms…

I love the water and the life that it brings… these are amazing videos… enjoy!



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