Parenting Tip: What is it with Questions, 2-year olds and Parenting?

What is it with questions? There, that’s a question. Pay attention right now to your thoughts, is there a question there? See if you can notice how many questions you have over a 5 minute period, consciously know.

I bet there are quite a few if you are able to catch them! They have a habit of moving fast.

No wonder 2-year olds love to ask Why? its really an exciting request don’t you think? They are just now beginning to “see” the world and listen to what is being said around and to them so why not ask questions? I propose that one of the surest ways to gage our level of confidence is in the way our questions are attended to not only when we are very young but also as we grow.

Take the time to think on the questions that pass through your thoughts and listen to your children’s too. Are they being answered and How?

Remember, parenting begins from the inside out!™

Karrie Ross

Author of “Coaching Parent Coaching Child”

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