Coaching: Do You Know How To Find “Magic In The Night?”

I’ve talked about not being able to sleep… sometimes when this happens “magic in the night” shows up and gives me a boost of the wonder of being alive. Tonight was such a night for me.

It’s early, all evening I had thoughts running through my head… I’m in the mist of a change of thinking so I’ve been staying up late, early. I was just finishing my evening sitting, meditation when I heard voices outside and when I looked out, there were about 15 cyclists riding by my home… it’s 4 a.m.! Young men and women, bright front white lights and rear flashing red lights, conversation, giggles, backpacks, waterbottles, and helmets.

Smiling, feeling alive with this amazing new vision, I was just about to close the door when three bikes started circling and talking to a woman who had fallen behind. “Are you alright?” I heard several times, then the other bikes came back and they all went to see if everything was okay.

This is what I call “magic in the night” moments that when you just think you’ve seen it all… something new appears and brings a questions and wonder to the moment and life takes on a whole new meaning.

How about you…? If this is something you are interested in learning, how to embrace and increase your EnergyAttention, contact me at for more information on my Creative Energy Coaching services and teleseminars and teleclasses.

Karrie Ross
Energy Coach

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