BzzzBee™ Licensing

BzzzBee™ Licensing

  • BzzzBee!™, the spunky bee, is currently seeking licensing and publishing partners. BzzzBee! has a style guide of patterns, slogans, and product samples
  • 3 books, 1.) “Bzzzzed!”, 2.) “You Have My Heart”, and 3.) “SnowBee!”. Each with a unique to BzzzBee! point of view about discovery and stories of “beeing and greater than me™”, in our “ever changing world™”

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About the Brand

BzzzBee! is a spunky honeybee, he has an attitude and shares it with consumers encouraging them to feel spunky too. He finds adventures in everything he does. These adventures create the substance for his never ending questions and curiosity. His stories of “our ever changing world”, beeing and greater than me are full of the wonder, mystery and awe that is experienced in our personal and natural world… from his own special view point of course! Parties interested in licensing or purchase Interested parties please contact us by phone Calif. time or Email inquires to

Views of the bee!



and bzzzin’

Brand Attributes

Cute, spunky, adventurous, cuddly, creates a feeling of Wow! AND he makes you smile!

Unique Selling Points

  • BzzzBee! has a spunky attitude, but most of all he is curious – just like the people who love him. His positive outlook fuels his exploration and discovery of the world around him.
  • BzzzBee! is a dynamic graphic image. Whether it’s his front, back or side view, his bold form is perfectly suited for all product applications bringing a sense of boldness, drama and intrigue that consumers subconsciously need to add into their lives.
  • Stories of beeing and Greater than me!™ A spunky honey bee’s adventures, journeys and discovery of life. Are you bzzzin’ yet?™

BzzzBee’s! energy is contagious…
everyone wants to bee the explorer of their lives.

Product Suggestions

His message is “Keep On Bzzzin!™”.Great for coasters, napkins, greeting cards, mugs, notepads, calendars, tote bags, kitchen towels & hot pad sets, clocks, t-shirts, backpacks, buttons, socks, hats, aprons, magnets, decorative tiles, stationary, apparel, fashion accessories, paper and gift products, room decor, bedding, books, school supplies, giftware, novelties, plush and toys…more I’m sure.Keep on bzzzin’!™

Paper and other Products
Outerwear – boys contact us to see girls
Expressions – Cards
Expressions – badges, t-shirts, etc.



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So far there are three books created and ready for publishing.
Seeking publishing partners.

This guy just bzzzes… anywhere and everywhere especially when the wind blows! His most exciting experiences’ just seem to happen’ when he isn’t expecting them and what he finds are the magic and mysteries of the world we live in.

He is joined by the friends he finds on his way.

BZZZED! 32 page story book.
In his adventure” Bzzzed!™” he meets SpiralSpider and SpunkyLeaf and learns that there is more to life than just collecting honey.

You Have My Heart! 32 page story book.
In “You Have My Heart™” a story about lovin’, he meets up with b’Bee and learns what it is to experience and bring love into his life.
SNOW BEE! 32 page story book.
In “SNOW BEE!™” he and his pal SnowShoe Rabbit check out snow and learn about how change and the little things in life are important!
Stories and images
are geared from toddlers to teens.
BzzzBee’s SPUNKY attitude
is a pleasure to experience
and gives a healthy example
of how passion and beeing
extends into all things.

Target Market

  • BzzzBee’s! graphic image has a broad range of appeal that includes infants and toddlers but who’s main message is targeted at tweens and teens and is suitable for younger adults who are looking for the dynamic and style his character represents.
  • BzzzBee! is ideal for consumers who are looking for upbeat, unique and spunky attitude products and books that subconsciously help you view life from a different perspective.
  • Product categories include: apparel, fashion accessories, stationary, paper and gift products, room decor, bedding, books, school supplies, giftware, novelties, plush and toys…more I’m sure.

Interested parties please contact us by phone Calif. time or Email inquires to