Bebuddies® Licensing

bebuddies-logo-shAre Little Life Coaches Changing The World
One Child at a Time!

Parties interested in licensing opportunities for the brand etc,  please contact me by phone at: Calif. time
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Bebuddies Licensing
So far there are 14 Bebuddies®, each with a unique voice and way of relating to the world. Their joy is contagious… join in the fun they have! Geared for children, infant to 100 years.

Bebuddies — STOP BULLIES of all kinds….


Click here or on the logo to view the website (flash required)bebuddies-logo-shAbout the Brand

The Bebuddies brand is very much in tune with our times and our future. Their message is “create a world in harmony” and they stand for “developing a personal character that will change the world” which includes creating a healthy mind, body, spirit and world. They support causes and people who work towards positive outreach on: living a pro-green environmentally friendly lifestyle, helping the world, literacy, fighting obesity, and the freedom to choose a positive lifestyle for oneself.They present situations with a perspective twist teaching the concept that there is more than one way to look at a situation response when “something happens” and why dont choose to see it in a positive way.

With their “Be It Now!®” attitude they fit right into being “Little LifeCoaches™” (LLCs) for kids… of all ages! Sharing the building blocks of character, being in touch with ones feelings, thoughts and actions, the Bebuddies encourage us to move with each day in harmony.

The Bebuddies® With the "Caring Crew", the "Nature Club" and Others

The Bebuddies® With the “Caring Crew”, the “Nature Club” and the “Action Explorers”

Brand Attributes
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACute, cuddly, adorable, fun-loving, happy, inspiring, educational, they create a feeling of excitement, AND they make you giggle!

Unique Selling Points

• Bebuddies have a knack for finding the Wow! and Awe! in living life to the fullest. Just looking at them makes you WANT to smile and in that smile you are seeking the wonder, to question. They encourage everyone to develop a character that will change their lives and the world.

  • Bebuddies have appealing graphic images that are perfectly suited for all product applications bringing a positive uplifting sense of trust, safety and security that consumers subconsciously need to add into their lives.
  • Bebuddies create a sense of trust, safety and security, giving the consumer the feeling that anything is possible…that they TOO can do IT!

Product Suggestions

Great for coasters, napkins, greeting cards, mugs, notepads, calendars, tote bags, kitchen towels & hot pads sets, clocks, t-shirts, backpacks, buttons, socks, hats, aprons, magnets, decorative tiles, stationary, apparel, fashion accessories, paper and gift products, room decor, bedding, books, school supplies, giftware, novelties, plush and toys…and more I’m sure.

Bebuddies® Toys and Stuff buy from zazzle mfg


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AND there are balloons!!

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Bebuddies are currently seeking licensing and publishing partners.

  • Bebuddies have a style guide of patterns, slogans, and product samples
  • 3 books, 1.) “b’watchful” by EnviroNate WINNER!! Honorable Mention at the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival, 2.) “b’healthy” by Doc and b’kind, 3.) CareyAngel On Your Shoulder by CareyAngel.
    Designed and ready for publishing – licensing.
    b’watchful WINNER Honorable Mention Childrens Books,
    at the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival.
  • EnviroNate™ and CareyAngel™ can be met at the local to Los Angeles EarthDay LA events each year where photo opps and storytelling are available.
  • Their message is “Create a world in harmony!™” and “Little Life Coaches, Changing the World One Child at a Time.”

Target Market

  • Bebuddies’ graphic image has a broad range of appeal but their main message is targeted at parents of/and children ages birth to 7yrs.
  • Bebuddies are ideal for consumers who are looking for that product that has substance, is genuine, with character development products and books with messages that remind you of the important things in building a character that will change the world.
  • Product categories include: apparel, fashion accessories, stationary, paper and gift products, room decor, bedding, books, giftware, novelties, plush and toys…more I’m sure.


Create a world in harmony!
Changing the World, One Child at a Time!™

Interested parties please contact us by phone Calif. time or Email inquires to us.

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