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BB_standardSMILEWhat is it about smiling that is irresistible and contagious?

A smile is the purest form of energy. It will change the vibration of any situation before — during — after a conversation. Opening and allowing a heightened frequency of interaction. Positively changing your relationship to all areas of your life. What is it about something so natural and freely given, that creates such an impact?

A smile is something tangible, physical, felt, and created! An example of our ENERGY! Our self motivation exposed as participating with the world. BeASmile.com is about sharing what makes you smile. What fuels your imagination. Your choices. And the setting of desires by committing to an action with passion.

Be A Smile!™ “Creating a World in Harmony™” through sharing our personal energy.

I believe a smile is one of the purest forms of participation, with ourself and others. When our energy is low, if we force a smile, like opening the ‘choke’ on an old car, :), which allows the fuel ‘energy’ to start flowing. Pretty soon, if we keep watching, our spirits will lighten. AND if we throw in a laugh, wow! it’s like giving ourself a ‘tune up and a super charge’. I’ve found this shakes up our stopped thoughts and actions, and gets us moving…like switching ‘gears’ in a car! This is what I call ‘personal energy’. Something we all have and the more we become aware of it, one more gift to share.

And that’s what this site is all about, self motivation, creating a new vibration. Participating with the world. Sharing what makes us smile. What fuels our imagination. Our choices. And setting desires by committing to an action with passion.


So I leave you with these words.

Be A Smile! Be A Cause! Be IT Now!™

Be a Smile. Create the energy for the IT in your life…your passion.
Be a Cause. Take a stand for that IT and make IT mean something.
Be IT Now!® As there is no better time to be IT.

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