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karrie-ross-gs72xKarrie Ross is a multi-dimentional creative explorer. She is a book designer, a fine artist, a creator of concepts, books and characters that are here to share the concepts of creation and play and giving.

About My Work

  • I really enjoy designing book covers. I’ve been honored to design books for some amazing authors and books. I enjoy the challenge of designing the visual that will catch the readers attention and excite them to buy the book.
  • I was a partner in an advertising agency that developed the Grocery Deli special co-op promotions. This promotion was sold around the country at stores such a Safeway, Albertsons, and Krogers.
  • I have a long history of work. Over my career I’ve designed projects for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Boeing, NorthrupGrumman, Raytheon, Microsoft, Disney, Rockwell, TransAmerica and more. Anything from yellow page ads to movie posters and annual reports… I’ve done it!
  • As well as being a graphic designer I’m an award winning author and fine artist, a certified life coach, Toastmaster, Feng Shui practitioner, hands-on energy healer, NLP practitioner and mother of a lovely son.
  • My line of characters, the Bebuddies, have been in local Earthday and tradeshow events from 2005 through 2013.

A little about me.

I’m a native to the state known for the popularity of many movements from surfing to hippies the sun shines brightly. I can change a washer in the bathroom faucet and know how to use most any tool…a screwdriver, drill, hammer or saw. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables but am an ice cream-aholic. My passion is creativity, my art, the activity of the mind in motion… my son. I at times play a mean game of chess. I designed and sculpted my first chess set and it’s beautiful. My mother was a florist and actually designed some headdresses’ for the Los Floristas Headdress Ball. My father was big on Sci-fi. I grew up with a garage full of Astounding, Amazing, and other science fiction magazines lining the walls of our garage. I own a MAC… it has changed my life. I seldom get tired of watching over and over again reruns of the TV shows “One Step Beyond”, “Outer Limits”, StarTrek, NCIS, Stargate, Dr. Who and a few others. I believe that three of the most important actions one can take is to observe life around them, ask questions, take action and oh yeah, smile.

Lets talk. Contact me at…

424-340-2000 (California time; M-F; 9-5pm)  karrie@karrieross.com

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