Flowers by Gracie!™ Licensing



My mother was Grace, she was a florist. Her talents were amazing. This work is to honor her memory and the connection she has with my fine art and life. I feel her thoughts when I make the flowers, her attention to detail and the asymmetrical aspects of the flower art she created.

I hope you will enjoy them too. Please contact me for all serious inquires about licensing or purchasing a piece of art.

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My mother was full of life, and she expressed it in the floral arrangements she made. So when I draw these, I think of her and all she taught me. We were always doing some project or another. She would send my sister and I to the park so we could look around for dried seed pods, leaves, sticks and anything else we might find for her to add to her arrangements or the holiday projects she occupied us with.

When she worked as a florist, during Prom season she would bring home the carnations or gladiolus for the men corsages. I learned to “feather” the flower and to wire and tape wrap to  them so they get bigger or smaller. During holidays we had our own styrofoam cutter my father made, a heat wire, to cut shapes. I really liked doing that.

My mother and father were so creative. They shared what they knew with me and gave me the strong base I draw from when I go into the creative mode.

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