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Pinwheels bring smiles!

My front yard is full of pinwheels, they are working hard to keep the birds away from the garden. I’m not sure it’s working but it sure is fun to watch them twirl when the wind picks up! The cause they are supporting is to help the garden become fruitful and keep the vegetables safe… there are sunflowers, zuccini, tomatoes, and carrots…

Most of the time, a smile comes from the simple things in life. The pure of heart and love of being present… and the sharing of that joy shows up within your reaction action of a smile.

Now is a good time…

Be a Smile! Be a Cause! Be It Now!®

Karrie Ross

Why Do We All Make What Happened in High School So Important to US as Adults?

I don’t know about you but I could just as easily forget high school politics. I would like to say it was a waste of time and energy but unfortunately our world works off this base.

Who is running the office? Who is forming the clicks? Who is talking behind backs? WHO WHERE THEY IN High School?

What about the back stabbing and going around to a higher up that goes on. Or the Tattle-tails?

Or people who are still living in the ridicule of the 10th grade PE class not being able to make a basket or hit a ball?

Receiving emotional and verbal abuse from people who never got over being full of themselves or being a bully… all of course based on their own feelings of insecurity. HOW can you help now… is the question?

I really question why people are allowed to graduate from high school if they are still playing inconsiderate mind games! When will there be a class on self help or self discovery techniques. Teaching how to see the other perspectives of self?

Where is Toastmasters in every high school… why not now?

People…!  Isn’t it time to LOOK at “it” your life and how you are in it,  from an ADULT standpoint and really get that IT’S NOT YOU… totally. Remember… the other person plays a part too. NOW is the time to see things in a way that is empowering for you.

Take the time to look in the mirror each morning. SMILE at yourself. Know you are a good person and that whatever happened in high school can be looked at from a new perspective, one that is HEALTHY for your well-being NOW.

Help stamp out the negatives of your high school experience today…!

Be a Smile! Be a Cause! BE IT NOW!®

Energy Coach: How do we “Get” Parenting?

No, parenting isn’t a flu, or something we buy at the store. It also doesn’t have a bunch of salespeople who knock on our door at dinner time AND there is no renewable license! So what is the how and where of parenting?

My coaching is about energy, so lets start there as a how…yes, stretch your mind into this… it will be fun. For the purpose of this conversation, lets imagine parenting being attention. Oooooh sounds good doesn’t it?

If the saying “energy flows where our attention goes” can be considered correct, then when we place our attention on the action of parenting, we are creating the energy, passion, necessary to push it forward into our lives, our thoughts, feeling, actions, our consciousness.

So, HOW do we “get” parenting? What is the “get” we’re getting? Does “get” stand for understanding or to acquire something OR maybe it’s both?

First we’ll look at understanding. The ability to get or perceive the meaning of, grasp what is meant, to interpret.

Next we’ll look at acquire. The process to get or gain by one’s efforts or actions, get possession of or get as one’s own.

Be a smile. Be a cause. Be It NOW!
Karrie Ross

The Magic of Symbols: Stars On My Front Door

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know that I have this thing for “symbols” and the effect they have on us, the way we think and see the worlds around us.

I love stars. They are a perfect balance and design. For the past 16 or so years I’ve collected them around Christmas and put one (sometimes angels or interesting shape) on my front door. As you can see by the photo, I’ve almost covered half the door. This year I bought an angel, it is at the top.

As you can see they bring a feeling of whimsy and stop you in your tracks to look at them closer.

Remember, do something every day that makes you or someone else smile

Be a smile. Be a cause. Be It NOW!
Karrie Ross
The Stop It Coach

Coaching: Carousels, a great way to learn how to create JOY!

Carousels bring us joy of a kind we seldom think about. The magic of the lights, movement and sound bring together three of the most important aspecs for placing an anchor for remembering an experience.

The more impressive the senses are surrounding an event determines the impact it will have on you, your reactions when it comes up again, and how it will be remembered over time.

YouTube Preview Image

Contact me to learn more about bringing joy into your life on a continuous basis.

Karrie Ross
Energy Coach
Be a Smile. Be a Cause. Be IT Now!®