Be A Smile!™ Licensing

Be A Smile!™ Licensing

Be A Smile™ Is all about our smile and where we place our energy. Developed for the promotion of my coaching services it’s gotten such great reviews that I figure it’s just right for licensing. There is currently a widget (see below) out there that is getting lots of hits and many videos on YOUTube.

About the Brand

A smile is the purest and possibly the smallest form of energy generation. It will change the vibration of any situation before — during — after a conversation. Opening and allowing a heightened frequency of interaction. Positively changing your relationship to all areas of your life. What is it about something so natural and freely given, that creates such an impact?

Be A Smile!™ is about connecting with our personal energy, about confidence, about FUN and LIFE,
giving the consumer the feeling that anything is possible…that they TOO can BE IT!

A smile is something tangible, physical, felt, and created! An example of our ENERGY! Our self motivation exposed as participating with the world. is about sharing what makes you smile. What fuels your imagination. Your choices. And the setting of desires by committing to an action with passion.


Brand Attributes

  • fun-loving
  • happy
  • inspiring
  • educational
Be a Smile. Be a Cause. Be IT Now!™
What’s Your Smile Telling the World?

Unique Selling Points

  • Everyone likes to smile.

Product Suggestions

Great for coasters, napkins, greeting cards, mugs, notepads, calendars, tote bags, kitchen towels & hot pad sets, clocks, t-shirts, backpacks, buttons, socks, hats, aprons, magnets, decorative tiles, stationary, etc.

I also have about 50 greeting card verses that can be applied to greeting cards etc. I’ll be working them up as samples to show if you are interested.

BOOK Publishing

I’ve written a 36 page book on smiles that is prefect for large quantity corporate book sales and can be edited to work for any industry and as an inspirational tool for employees and to send out to customers to raise the awareness of the corporation in a fun way encouraging participation.

Be A Smile!
Share Your Energy!
It’s really all about participation. And one of the easiest ways to participate is to SMILE. This book introduces you to the concept of smiling being energy and connecting all of the world… into one. Charming visuals and the characters to help guide us on our journey to “Create a world in Harmony”.

36 page book great for large quantity book sales and corporate sales.

Target Market

  • The BeASmile! graphic image has a broad range of appeal from 7yrs to 100.
  • BeASmile! is perfect for all consumers and has a viral quality to it.
  • Product categories include: apparel, fashion accessories, stationary, paper and gift products, room decor, bedding, books, giftware, novelties, plush and toys…more I’m sure.

So I leave you with these words.

Be A Smile! Be A Cause! Be IT Now!™


Be a Smile. Create the energy for the IT in your life…your passion.
Be a Cause. Take a stand for that IT and make IT mean something.
Be IT Now!™ As there is no better time to be IT.

Interested parties please contact us by phone Calif. time or Email inquires to

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